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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Bad Girl Gone Mom , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Lauer's harrowing and ultimately hopeful depiction of her earlier life may remind some of Frey's memoir, though Lauer attests she's done her best to fact-check where possible. Given the obstacles she's had to overcome, Lauer's memoir could be no one else's but her own.

Lauer was born with a cleft palate, a condition that wasn't discove K.

Good Girl Gone Bad! Jada Pinkett Smith on Why She Loves Playing a Villain

Lauer was born with a cleft palate, a condition that wasn't discovered until after her parents left the hospital with her. Somehow her doctors wouldn't notice until Lauer's teen years that she was also born with vaginal agenesis, an underdeveloped vaginal canal. In Lauer's case, she had no vaginal opening. One had to be surgically created.


Lauer writes poignantly of her sense of being a sexless being turned into an artificial woman, created expressly for the purpose of male pleasure. By the time she had her surgery at age 15, Lauer no longer considered herself a virgin; she and a boyfriend had been having interstitial intercourse without knowing any better.

Still, she felt violated and offended at the thought of having to use a set of plastic vaginal dilators dildos, essentially until, as her doctors liked to put it, she got married. She had already turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of being different. After Lauer's surgery, she added promiscuity to her list of self-destructive behaviors. I don't mean that to sound negative toward teenage sexuality in general.

Some teens have sex because they enjoy it or because they fall in love, but Lauer wasn't one of them. She seemed to be out to prove to the world that she was a "real" woman in the only way she could figure out how to. This led her into destructive relationships, two bad marriages, sexual abuse and generally being used. As one can guess from the title, Lauer got pregnant and had a daughter, despite the uterine complications that are sometimes associated with vaginal agenesis.

Her transformation was slow and, at times, painful, but eventually she transitioned from recovering addict to responsible parent. Lauer suggests this book be shared with teens who might be headed down the same self-destructive path. It's not what would typically be considered a "young adult" book. It contains explicit depictions of sexual acts, including acts in the context of a Dominant-submissive relationship.

However, mature teens who struggle with drug use, alcohol addiction or abusive relationships may relate to Lauer and learn from her experience. The best pull-out quote from Bad Girl Gone Mom is this one: "I already knew that I loved words, but I discovered that I loved words about sex even more. Feb 16, Alina hagan rated it it was amazing.

I won this book from goodreads.

Free download portal for Incest Games and more other Games

When i first won this book i was surprised i started reading it. View 1 comment. View all 3 comments.

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Sep 25, Jolie Pre rated it liked it. As part of the synopsis, the author writes, "K. Lauer covers a lot of ground. As Lauer says, "At only pages in short chapter lengths, it fits busy lifestyles and short attenti As part of the synopsis, the author writes, "K. As Lauer says, "At only pages in short chapter lengths, it fits busy lifestyles and short attention spans. The author kept me engaged, no doubt, but I would have preferred she focus on a few items on her plate instead of the entire plate. In her teen years, when she was thumbing for rides, drinking and sleeping around, I thought the author did a good job conveying the details of her life.

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What is the good girl gone bad you used to know? Like the perfect picture of innocence. I was sheltered to at that age, but she made me look like I was a hardened gore porn veteran, that's how little she knew about things sexual, or "bad" stuff. Well in highschool somewhere she took a left turn down to Crazy Town after a guy promised to marry her, and they had sex.

Well he dumped her about a month later. So between there, and now, from what I've heard she has had sex with pretty much every guy on her college campus, is never sober, and may or may not do amateur porn. I cannot confirm this Just so you know I am very very not religious and love anime. A year after I dated her she got pregnant from a three some, got seven piercings and partook in her mom's killing. Went to high school in a small town. There was a really quiet girl who was in some vocational program where students could go learn to be nurses or something at an old folks home.

Grew up with this girl. She was spectacular. Very smart. Always top of her class through both intellect and hard work, played the piano since she was 5, danced ballet, pretty, etc. Absolutely the perfect child, and for a few years the perfect teenager. She started to sour a bit in late High School, but still kept up her grades to get into an elite university on a full ride. Wanted to be an attorney.

Bad Girl Gone Mom by K C Lauer -

Had a clear path to become one. As soon as she got to college, she went into full party mode, lost her scholarship after the first semester, and got kicked out for failing most of her courses the second semester. Went back home, got a crappy job, buried her ambitions, married an average guy and popped out a couple of kids. Not a terrible life by any means and she's relatively happy, but the wasted potential is staggering.

After we split up, she got into super weird modeling, like creepy masks and shit. Disowned her family, ruined her credit, got into porn, ended up in jail for a while, caught herpes.

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She told me this after we reconnected after years of no contact. I caught that red flag and got the fuck out of there. Disturbia came on the radio the other day and I had this bizarre realization that she used to not be awful at everything. Went to school with Eliza Dushku from first grade to graduation.

Watching that transformation was pretty insane.

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I grew up with a girl who wound up a total wreck. In hindsight, she may suffer from some sort of mental illness. She decided she didn't like me after high school we had a group of friends in common , and started stalking me. She would call my husband, my job, my mother, and my friends. She tried to convince my job I was stealing, and my husband that I was cheating. She sent naked videos of herself to most of our mutual friends, myself, and some strangers on a FB page. She had a mutual friend's name tattooed on her thigh and gave no explanation why.