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Schneider admits the extreme difficulty of assigning an exact provenance to a manuscript in which normalisation has led to the avoiding of typical dialect features p. She suggests that these traits point to Swabia rather than the Lower Alemannic area. It was written by a single scribe in an elegant, small hand, in early Gothic minuscule.

Some supplementary pages supply gaps in the text. These are the parchment folios 90, 90a, 91 and 92, and the paper leaf fol. For these 42 Wells, p. See note to below. Illuminated initials in red, green, blue, violet and yellow punctuate the text. These are reflected by bold capitals in this edition. The first page is particularly splendid, with the initial on a base of gold leaf. On fol. A small light-blue initial is accorded a long green and red tail, at the bottom of which are two animals of uncertain identity, which appear to be glowering at one another.

The illuminator appears to be thinking ahead to fol. After fol. Often the initials are left as blank spaces.

Otherwise a simple red, blue or brown ink is used. In contrast to the illuminator s , the scribe of Iwein B is a master. He or she rarely makes errors, and shows a constant interest in the text that is being copied. The first letter of each line is written at a distance of two spaces from the word it introduces. This format is to be found in other manuscripts dating from the second quarter of the thirteenth century, such as the Munich Parzival Cgm. Benecke and Karl Lachmann conceals the considerable disparities between the two earliest complete manuscripts, A and B. These amount to several hundred divergences, a selection of which is presented by Joachim Bumke.

It has two evident functions; it perpetuates and enforces the attempt to portray Laudine as a more sympathetic character which was already evident in A; secondly, it brings Iwein closer to Erec, which has a similar reconcilation scene between the two 45 See Deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters. There are three levels on which omissions and additions can take place: they may be the work of the author, a redactor, or a scribe. It is always possible, of course, that two or more of these levels are in operation. Bumke places the redaction in a wider context, and argues that, from the late twelfth-century Eneide of Heinrich von Veldeke onwards, the early stages in the transmission of MHG narrative works are characterised by the existence of parallel versions, which must have been developed in the proximity of the author.

Essays in Medieval Poetics, ed. Arrathoon Rochester, Michigan: Solaris Press, , 83— p.

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Additions amounting to a couplet or less have not been considered here. Disclaimer: Some images in the printed version of this book are not available for inclusion in the eBook. To view the image on this page please refer to the printed version of this book. King Arthur the Good gives true teaching of this, he who, with his knightly disposition, knew how to strive for praise. The proof of this is upheld by his fellow-countrymen: they claim he is still alive today.

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He has won such repute that, though his body be dead, his name will, nevertheless, live forever. That man will be forever entirely safe from dishonourable disgrace who even today follows his ways. A knight who was learned and read in books, when he could not spend his time in any better way, also practised poetry. He applied his industry to that which people may gladly hear. He was named Hartmann and was of the Ouwe family: he composed this tale. Moreover, they were given as a reward there a perfect way of life in every respect.

The court and their persons were endeared to them by many a maiden and woman, the fairest in the realms. I grieve, in all truth, and, if it were to help at all, I would lament the fact that now, in our days, such joy can never again be possible as that in which they indulged in those times. Yet we, too, must now live on — I would not have liked to have existed then at the expense of existing now, since now we can still derive such truly great pleasure from tales about them — then it was their deeds that gave them much pleasure.

When they had eaten that Whit Day, many a man took such pleasure as then suited him best of all. Gawein attended to his arms. Kay laid himself down to sleep, in the middle of the hall amongst them all: his inclination was towards ease without honour.

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Unser deheiner was so laz, 3r Iwein They both soon fell asleep. Meanwhile four knights had sat down: Dodines and Gawein, Segremors and Iwein — lying by them there was also the ill-bred Kay — outside the chamber, by the wall. The sixth was Kalogreant. He began to tell them a tale of great hardship on his part, and of no credit to his valour. When he had, as yet, told but little, the Queen then awoke and heard his recital, as it came in through the wall. She left the King, her husband, lying there and stole away from him, and crept so quietly in amongst them there that none of them noticed it until she had come quite close to them, and dropped down amongst them, with the sole exception of Kalogreant — he leapt up towards her at once.

He bowed to her and welcomed her. Then Kay again revealed his old custom: the honour that fell to the man displeased him, and he spoke against him with great intensity and assailed his reputation. We will yield as much to you before all your companions, if we are so inclined. You believe that is your due. My Lady ought to accept this too, or she would be doing you wrong.

Much more than documents.

Since none of us saw her — or however it came about that we neglected it and remained sitting still — you, too, might have remained seated. You do not spare any malice either towards the household, or to the guests — the most base is the best to you, and the best the most base.

On one count I will console you: that such behaviour on your part is always well tolerated is because of your custom of always sparing the base, and bearing enmity towards the worthy. Your scolding amounts to praise in the eyes of all the wise. Indeed, you have said too much to me of this, and if you had suppressed it somewhat, it would have befitted well your good name.

I accept, willingly, as I ought, your discipline and your guidance, but it has too much intensity by far. You rebuke knights too harshly with regard to their honour.

We were not accustomed to such behaviour on your part — you yourself lose honour thereby. You punish me like a servant. Mercy is better than justice. Man mac vil gerne vor iu dagen. Irn sult iuwer gewonheit durch niemen zebrechen.

Dies und Das und Allerlei

Der bumbel,5 der sol stechen. Ouch enwil ich niht engelten, swaz ir mich mugt geschelten. Lady, have mercy on me, and let such great anger be. Your anger is unmerciful — do not break with your good-breeding on my account. I shall put up with my disgrace, if you will deign to be silent.

Guide Die drei Ringe - Teil 3: Allerlei inclusive (German Edition)

I would gladly, insofar as I bear any guilt in the matter, enter his good graces. Now request of him that the tale that had been begun before be, for your sake, recited to its end. People will be most willing to be silent in your presence. If your tongue dishonours anyone, your heart is to blame for it.

In this world there is many a man who is false and inconstant, who would willingly be honest, except that his heart does not let him. If anyone approaches you with good advice, that is a waste of time. The bumble-bee has no choice but to sting. Moreover, it is right that manure stinks, wherever it be.

The hornet has no choice but to buzz. I could not profit by your praise, nor by your friendship, for your speech has no power. Nor have I any wish to pay back any scolding you may have inflicted upon me. Why should you spare me? You have done as much to worthier men. Man verliuset michel sagen, man enwellez merchen unde dagen.