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  1. From surviving to living: A big leap for the beggars community in Chakrabhata
  2. How to Stop Surviving and Start Living Well Outdoors
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That question alone should get the ball rolling.

From surviving to living: A big leap for the beggars community in Chakrabhata

Using common sense when it comes to living in a city is extremely important. Being able to know what kind of climate a city has throughout the year is also key. For example, I knew that in Medellin, Colombia, there is a rainy and a dry season that changes depending upon the time of year. Otherwise, there would be no winter, snow, and the city would have a spring-time like climate otherwise. When I moved to Boston, I changed my mindset to reflect the new urban environment I would be living in. Instead of springtime weather year around, I would have to adjust to living in seasonal conditions again with colder winters and more humid summers.

How to Stop Surviving and Start Living Well Outdoors

Out of all the things that people overlook when moving to a new city in their country or outside of their country; it is adapting to the weather and climate conditions that is the biggest. Doing your research about crime, pollution, and the weather along with asking the locals is key to mastering this particular step. Also, it is key to know a little bit of information about each of the neighborhoods in your city and whether they are pretty safe or not.

If you have children, knowing about the city schools should be high on your priority list. I know from my own personal experiences that city life can be really rewarding but also quite stressful. It can be overwhelming to our senses, especially when it comes to all of the light, noise, traffic, and the amount of people nearby.

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Cities can also feel claustrophobic at times. That is why my last step focuses on getting out of your comfort zone to leave the city every now and then. Mixing it up to be in a more rural area with mountains or in a small town by the sea can really do you a world of good. In all honesty, cities are not the most natural environment for human beings to be in all of the time.

Collectively, we really need to be in nature, whether its in the woods, in the mountains, or by the sea. Going for a hike, doing some fishing at the lake, or relaxing with a book at the beach are really good ways to help our mental health especially if you spend 90 percent of your time in a city.

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On top of that, being able to get some exercise and being outdoors will do you a world of good, both mentally and physically. Even if it costs you some money and a rental car, leaving the city can be very beneficial to surviving city life. I hope this article helps you! Ben helps students from around the world to improve their English language skills.

Survive Quotes - BrainyQuote

They taste like chicken. All right, all right. And the total solar energy hitting the surface is enough for their needs. And that one might have to be pretty big. Just think of how much food you eat in a year and imagine how much space it takes to grow it.

Hope you like potatoes. Not to mention the other life support systems, most notably your oxygenator.

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A biosphere is far too risky on this scale. Why go out of your way to risk your life?

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