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They are typically used to elicit physical actions and activity on the part of the learners. Conversational dialogues are delayed until after about hours of instruction. Other class activities include role plays and slide presentations. Role plays center on everyday situations, such as at the restaurant, supermarket, or gas station. The slide presentations are used to provide a visual center for teacher narration, which is followed by commands, and for questions to students, such as "Which person in the picture is the salesperson?

Reading and writing activities may also be employed to further consolidate structures and vocabulary, and as follow-ups to oral imperative drills. Learner roles. Learners in Total Physical Response have the primary roles of listener and performer. Learners are required to respond both individually and collectively. Novel utterances are recombinations of constituents you have used directly in training.

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For instance, you directed students with 'Walk to the table! Learners are also required to produce novel combinations of their own. Learners monitor and evaluate their own progress.

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Teacher roles. The teacher plays an active and direct role in Total Physical Response. It is the teacher who decides what to teach, who models and presents the new materials, and who selects supporting materials for classroom use. Classroom interaction and turn taking is teacher rather than learner directed.

Even when learners interact with other learners it is usually the teacher who initiates the interaction:. Asher stresses, however, that the teacher's role is not so much to teach as to provide opportunities for learning.

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Thus the teacher controls the language input the learners receive, providing the raw material for the "cognitive map" that the learners will construct in their own minds. The teacher should also allow speaking abilities to develop in learners at the learners' own natural pace. In giving feedback to learners, the teacher should follow the example of parents giving feedback to their children. At first, parents correct very little, but as the child grows older, parents are said to tolerate fewer mistakes in speech.

Similarly teachers should refrain from too much correction in the early stages and should not interrupt to correct errors, since this will inhibit learners. As time goes on, however, more teacher intervention is expected, as the learners' speech becomes "fine tuned. Asher cautions teachers about preconceptions that he feels could hinder the successful implementation of TPR principles.

This results in progressing at too fast a pace and failing to provide a gradual transition from one teaching stage to another. The teacher should also avoid having too narrow a tolerance for errors in speaking.

NEA - Legal Controversy Over Lesson Plans

You begin with a wide tolerance for student speech errors, but as training progresses, the tolerance narrows Remember that as students progress in their training, more and more attention units are freed to process feedback from the instructor. In the beginning, almost no attention units are available to hear the instructor's attempts to correct distortions in speech. All attention is directed to producing utterances. The role of instructional materials.

The Memory of Old Jack Summary & Study Guide Description

There is generally no basic text in a Total Physical Response course. Materials and realia play an increasing role, however, in later learning stages. For absolute beginners, lessons may not require the use of materials, since the teacher's voice, actions, and gestures may be a sufficient basis for classroom activities. These may include pictures, realia, slides, and word charts. Asher has developed TPR student kits that focus on specific situations, such as the home, the supermarket, the beach.

Students may use the kits to construct scenes e. Asher provides a lesson-by-lesson account of a course taught according to TPR principles, which serves as a source of information on the procedures used in the TPR classroom. The course was for adult immigrants and consisted of hours of classroom instruction. The sixth class in the course proceeded in the following way:. This was a fast-moving warm-up in which individual students were moved with commands such as: Pablo, drive your car around Miako and honk your horn.

Story Resources - Jack and the Beanstalk

Jeffe, throw the red flower to Maria. Maria, scream. Rita, pick up the knife and spoon and put them in the cup. Eduardo, take a drink of water and give the cup to Elaine. New commands. These verbs were introduced. Maria's hair.

Shirou's hair. Other items introduced were: Rectangle Draw a rectangle on the chalkboard.


Put the rectangle next to the square. Triangle Catch the triangle and put it next to the rectangle. Pick up the triangle from the table and give it to me. Quickly Walk quickly to the door and hit it. Quickly, run to the table and touch the square. Sit down quickly and laugh. I first began to teach students how to ask questions or wonder while reading these books.

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The students get very excited when they realize that Peter is in many of the books. This leads to wonderful comparing and contrasting lessons. When you apply this lesson plan to The Trip, how do the students respond to Louie? What do they think his problem and solution are? My students can usually empathize with a child in a book feeling lonely, like Louie. Most children have felt this at some time and are terribly sympathetic. There are usually a few art projects after reading The Trip—and possibly some new coping strategies, also.

It would be an effective resource for an intensive author study as well. Learn more about The Trip! Be a Problem Solver.