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Learn More. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Seductions of Her Past by Latoya Hilton. Candy Dinkins is a young lady who admires and loves her family. An awesome husband and great provider Calvin Dinkins always stands by his wife's side with his head held high. The two are fairly new to marriage and think they have what it takes to keep each other content. Temptation and betrayal find it's way knocking at the happy couple's back door making it virtually impo Candy Dinkins is a young lady who admires and loves her family.

Temptation and betrayal find it's way knocking at the happy couple's back door making it virtually impossible to remain together. Will they have what it takes to fight it or will they let their vows, love and devotion to each other be swallowed whole. Get A Copy. Published June 21st by Authorhouse first published June 18th You should not pay so much attention to their conscious responses.

Instead, pay greater attention to those responses outside conscious control—a blush, an involuntary mirroring of some gesture of yours, an unusual shyness, even perhaps a flash of anger or resentment. Like Valmont, you can also recognize the right targets by the effect they are having on you. Perhaps they make you uneasy. When a person has such a deep effect on you, it transforms all of your subsequent maneuvers.

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Your face and gestures become more animated. You have more energy; when victims resist you as a good victim should you in turn will be more creative, more motivated to overcome their resistance. Look at the types you have not considered before—that is where you will find challenge and adventure.

On the other hand, you should generally avoid people who are preoccupied with business or work—seduction demands attention, and busy people have too little space in their minds for you to occupy. If you are too direct early on, you risk stirring up a resistance that will never be lowered. Approach through a third party, or seem to cultivate a relatively neutral relationship, moving gradually from friend to lover.

Lull the target into feeling secure, then strike. First , your friendly conversations with your targets will bring you valuable information about their characters, their tastes, their weaknesses, the childhood yearnings that govern their adult behavior. Second , by spending time with your targets you can make them comfortable with you. Believing you are interested only in their thoughts, in their company, they will lower their resistance, dissipating the usual tension between the sexes.

Seductions Of Her Past | Books2Search

At this point any offhand comment, any slight physical contact, will spark a different thought, which will catch them off-guard: perhaps there could be something else between you. There is nothing more effective in seduction than making the seduced think that they are the ones doing the seducing. The first move to master is simple: once you have chosen the right person, you must make the target come to you. If, in the opening stages, you can make your targets think that they are the ones making the first approach, you have won the game.

e-book Seductions Of Her Past

You can also play cat and mouse with them, first seeming interested, then stepping back—actively luring them to follow you into your web. Banal conversation can be a brilliant tactic; it hypnotizes the target. The dullness of your front gives the subtlest suggestive word, the slightest look, an amplified power. Never mention love and you make its absence speak volumes—your victims will wonder why you never discuss your emotions.

Learn to disguise your feelings and let people figure out what is happening for themselves. In all arenas of life, you should never give the impression that you are angling for something—that will raise a resistance that you will never lower.

Boardroom Seductions

Learn to approach people from the side. The indirect, carefully constructed seduction may reduce the number of your conquests, but more than compensate by their quality. Once people are aware of your presence, and perhaps vaguely intrigued, you need to stir their interest before it settles on someone else.

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What is obvious and striking may attract their attention at first, but that attention is often short-lived; in the long run, ambiguity is much more potent. Most of us are much too obvious —instead, be hard to figure out. Send mixed signals: both tough and tender, both spiritual and earthy, both innocent and cunning. A mix of qualities suggests depth, which fascinates even as it confuses. An elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to know more, drawing them into your circle.

Create such a power by hinting at something contradictory within you. To deepen their interest, you must hint at a complexity that cannot be grasped in a week or two. You are an elusive mystery, an irresistible lure, promising great pleasure if only it can be possessed. The key to both attracting and holding attention is to radiate mystery. And no one is naturally mysterious, at least not for long; mystery is something you have to work at, a ploy on your part, and something that must be used early on in the seduction.

Let one part of your character show, so everyone notices it. But also send out a mixed signal—some sign that you are not what you seem, a paradox. Do not worry if this underquality is a negative one, like danger, cruelty, or amorality; people will be drawn to the enigma anyway, and pure goodness is rarely seductive. It is actually quite easy to create that first stir—an alluring style of dress, a suggestive glance, something extreme about you.

But what happens next? Your attractiveness will pass unless you spark the more enduring kind of spell that makes people think of you in your absence. That means engaging their imaginations, making them think there is more to you than what they see. Once they start embellishing your image with their fantasies, they are hooked. This must, however, be done early on, before your targets know too much and their impressions of you are set. It should occur the moment they lay eyes on you.

By sending mixed signals in that first encounter, you create a little surprise, a little tension: you seem to be one thing innocent, brash, intellectual, witty , but you also throw them a glimpse of something else devilish, shy, spontaneous, sad. Keep things subtle: if the second quality is too strong, you will seem schizophrenic.

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To capture and hold attention, you need to show attributes that go against your physical appearance, creating depth and mystery. If you have a sweet face and an innocent air, let out hints of something dark, even vaguely cruel in your character. A potent variation on this theme is the blending of physical heat and emotional coldness.

Remember: that first impression, that entrance, is critical. To show too much desire for attention is to signal insecurity, and will often drive people away; play it too cold and disinterested, on the other hand, and no one will bother coming near. The trick is to combine the two attitudes at the same moment. It is the essence of coquetry.