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And now I've found another cut called the culotte which is an amazing flavour, something you don't usually get from wagyu. Our guests love it.

Meaning of "Donut" in the German dictionary

Our diner really appreciates another cut of beef. That's why awards like the Australian Financial Review Top Restaurants help because you develop a trust with guests, they think oh, you've been awarded so we can eat whatever we want. The worst trend has to be dietaries. Everyone has an allergy. No one goes to the theatre and tells them to act in a certain way. We think going to a restaurant is a performance. People come in and destroy your menu. I've had someone come in and use a pen and cross out the words they don't want to eat, literally. They sent it back to the kitchen and said I don't want to eat all of that.

I don't see chefs as artists, I see them as craftspeople but it's destroying the craft when you say you don't want to eat something. Why go to a fine restaurant to do that? I also have a great aversion to juice matching. I think it is the most ridiculous thing. Why would you go to a restaurant to drink juice?

It's so much better with champagne. We didn't know what to expect but it completely blew our minds. It was absolutely unbelievable.

Want something steamy to go with your buns?

We had the sea urchin with truffle, served on bread. Which was an amazing dish that I hadn't had before.

How to make Cronuts with only 6 ingredients

One bite, it was amazing and it was a very inspirational way of cooking. There was a lot of innovation and food ideas that were unexpected.

London’s best bakeries

Louie Douvis. Vicki: All seafood. Martin: Kettle chips. They have to be the chunky ones. Just salted. I am struggling to be able to buy them at the supermarket these days though. Trends come and go all the time. I don't think anyone should be focusing on trends. You should focus on your passion, your craft and your quality. Different things come along and inspire you and that's a nice sort of thing. Last year we opened Bennelong so there was a lot of planning. This year it is about consistency and seeing what comes and see where inspiration comes and strikes for each restaurant.

That only comes from work and working through ideas. Foam was 10 years ago. I wouldn't have one particular trend that annoys me. But I would have to say I am getting a little bit sick of eating vegetables as dessert. Peter Gilmore focuses on passion, craft and quality. The simplest things are the best things. We grew some pumpkins this year that were off the chart in flavour and we did a salt crust over them and cooked them in a fire, in the ashes.

It was one of the most beautiful things I've tasted this year and it was the simplest. Ice cream has always been a big vice. It's very hard for me to go past a gelato bar. My all-time flavour is hazelnut or wild cherry. In Italy a few years ago I had an amazing wild cherry gelato. I don't really care about trends. My favourite thing is my knives, I guess.

Booko: Comparing prices for Süße Cronuts: Trend-Mix aus Croissant und Donut

I just bought a really nice knife in Japan. It's just like a sashimi knife. It's hand-forged, everything was made by hand. It's probably my favourite thing right now. Avocado on anything. Controversial I know, but I hate it. It's just everywhere and I'm just not a fan. It's too much. That's hard because I've had so many. However, I think it would have to be Noma, for sure.

I got the chance to go to lunch when it was open in Sydney. The first dish, the snow crab, was the best. The crab soup with macadamias and the rose oil I am going to classify that as food. I usually eat cheese with the whisky. But just whisky. I'd like to see people on skateboards deliver the food. Those cooking as well as front of house on skateboards. People need to have more fun. No roller skates. In my opinion, there's just not enough of it.

Incredible food fusions you have to try

If everybody skateboarded, more restaurants would be so much better. I honestly think when it comes to trends if people are doing it because they per cent believe in what they are doing then it will last forever. Honestly, there is no real trend if you believe in what you're doing. Go for it. You will succeed.

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Asking chefs about food trends is hard because it's not something we conceptually think about. We think about what excites us and what motivates us to push forward. It's always hard to say. You get inspiration from restaurants from other ways. For me I love nothing better after a big week at work than having a bowl of fresh pasta that my partner makes. She actually makes the best pesto ever. And it's crazy I've never, ever seen pesto pasta on a menu anywhere in an Italian restaurant. It's highly underrated. My biggest vice is ice cream. I'm not picky but it's not sorbet.

I think ice cream is delicious and I love Cow and The Moon ice cream. I told Ben Shewry to go there but he totally disagreed with me. He was like "that's it, I can't believe you told me this was good". He claimed he'd had better in Melbourne at the Spring Street Grocer. I'm loving those late-night, French bistro-style dining experiences. It gives you an opportunity to have a quick bite after service.

Do I have to say which ones? You can guess.

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The six-month time period for the working holiday visas for chefs. You give a piece of yourself in the kitchen to a traveller and they leave. We do have a few chefs from overseas that come and work here. The other night, the fishhead and roti at Momofuko.