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I bite back a moan as his thick girth slides in and out of me, our bodies making slick sounds as they come together. He leans his head against mine. I press my hand to his chest, right over his own heart. Beneath my palm I feel it pounding away. He closes his eyes at the sensation. When he opens them, they glint with so many emotions… He marvels at me as I writhe beneath him. I clutch him tight, forcing each one of his strokes to go deeper as my core clenches around him.

Pestilence groans at the sensation…. My voice sounds breathless, but those damn nerves have come back. My mouth goes dry. War has me wholly and completely at his mercy. I try to move my legs, but War has them pinned in their current, uncompromising position. He glances up at me, steadily trailing those kisses inward, towards my core.


Why is he doing this? The sexual favors were supposed to be to his benefit, not mine. Strong, powerful, resourceful,uncompromising heroines who literally save the world. The Horsemen are formidable, terrifying and the catalysts for unimaginable death and destruction, yet, the heroines are the true linchpins and heroes and it was freaking amazing to behold.

As different as each woman was, they were identical in their sheer survival and triumph.

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Girl Power! Good thing both novels totally re-read value!

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Especially when I find out a monster just murdered my parents. Now all I can hear is the sweet, soothing song of vengeance in my ears, playing on repeat. The return of a long lost magic.

new fantasy series

A desperate quest for an enchanted relic. The final battle to save mankind from extinction. Demon-cursed monster hunter Blaize Silver battles werewolves, chupacabras, vampires, and more in this collection of novellas and short stories. No one messes with her kids. And no one messes with Malcolm Hex. But is he an ally or her worst enemy?

The Horsemen Trilogy

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Four reasons to start the Four Horseman series by Laura Thalassa

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